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How We Market Your Metro New Orleans Home

This is a tough environment for New Orleans-area home sellers. There are plenty of homes on the real estate market and prices have been weak. Buyers are bargain hunting and looking at a lot of homes before coming to a decision. In this competitive market, it pays to have expert help. To this end, we want to share some thoughts about how our professional REALTOR® services can help save you time, hassles, and money in marketing your New Orleans-area home.

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Discuss Your Options

Prior to Listing Your Home

Once you decide to sell your home, determine a price that you will ask and one you will accept. This can be the toughest and most important decision you will make. We will discuss the following strategies with you.

Determine Your Price:

We will suggest a realistic price to ask based on comparable sales in the area, condition of the property, and general market conditions. This price should be as high as possible for you, but one that will facilitate a transaction considering your personal time frame.

Prepare for Showings:

Do the improvements that make sense. A little paint can go a long way toward helping you get the best offer possible. Landscape your lawn for a good first impression. Make the bathrooms sparkle. Clean windows, fix leaky faucets, do all the little things to reduce clutter and brighten the house.

Advise You About Repairs:


With our long experience in construction, remodeling, and interior design, we can help you determine what renovations (if any) make the most sense and will give you the most bang for your buck.

We offer a set of experienced, objective eyes and opinions about preparing your home for sale.

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Showcase Your Home

Once It's on the Market

Once you list your home and we put it up for sale, we'll handle all the details. We'll make sure that as many buyers see your home as possible, which will help you sell for top dollar in a reasonable amount of time.

Market Your Home:

We will put a sign in your yard, field phone calls from prospective buyers, hold your house open, show your home when you're not available, and create and distribute a web page dedicated to selling your home.

In addition, we will enter your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system. This will give information and pricing to all the REALTORS® in the New Orleans area. MLS listings sell more homes than any other medium.

Find Qualified Buyers:

We will show your home to pre-approved buyers, screened either by us or through their own agents. This will help eliminate window shoppers and hopefully set aside safety issues that can occur with sale-by-owner properties.

Advertise Your Listing:

We will feature your home on this heavily trafficked website. Your listing will contain a photo gallery, a compelling description, a list of features and amenities, and links to contact us for a showing. Second, we will create a web page with its own unique URL (for instance, This page will be advertised on our sign in your yard and will be submitted to leading search engines like Google and popular real estate portals, which include:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Craigslist

Further, we will contact other top agents in the area and quickly market your home via word-of-mouth advertising and agents' open tours.

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After Getting an Offer

For Your Home

After you've received an offer, we'll serve as your conduit to a successful negotiation and keep you on track to close.

Negotiate Your Sale Price:

We will receive all offers and then report to you. We will also advise you whether to accept the buyer's offer or counter the offer, and then we'll deliver your decision to the buyer's agent.

Prepare for Closing:

Now come inspections, mortgage approval for the buyer, appraisal and the title search. We help with all the big and little things that can make or break a sale.

Keep You Updated:

We monitor and report to you any events that may impact your sale and stand by, if you request, to take backup offers on your home.

Close the Sale!

When all the papers are signed, you receive a check and present your keys to the buyer. At this stage, we accompany you to the closing and help make sure that all goes well for you.

Let's Get Your Home Sold

With our long history of sales success, our contacts, and our negotiation skills, we are highly qualified to help you. If you're ready to sell your Metro New Orleans home, allow us to assist you in every stage of your transaction. Contact us about listing your home and we'll get started by determining a price.