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Gets Recognized as Top Producers

Time and time again, our team has cited local expertise and stand-out statistics as catalysts for our reputation as a top real estate team—and now that reputation has been confirmed by the real estate moguls at Real Producers Magazine. We are honored to be recognized as top-selling agents in the Metro New Orleans area, and more so, we are excited to share our family's story with all of you!  

Want our team to work our top-producing magic on your property? Just drop us a line to make your home our next success story.   

Our Real Producers Feature

Working to improve quality of life in Jefferson Parish 

Linda Nugent Smith, a member of the JBC, mentions that based on a recent survey conducted in Jefferson Parish, they have done a pretty good job at maintaining, but they need to do more than maintain; they need to grow and flourish. She highlights the importance of addressing the needs of young people to maintain and keep them in Jefferson Parish. The survey revealed what young people want, including parks, recreation, and nice bars and restaurants. To see a practical example of such initiatives in action, check out this recent article about Jefferson Parish’s new grant program, which aims to enhance community appeal and livability. Smith emphasizes the significance of meeting these desires to sustain growth in the parish.

"How to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry..."

Acting as a long-time trailblazer in the real estate industry, Lynda Smith—the matriarch of the Nugent-Freeland Team—has worked in every field imaginable, from commercial and sales to homebuilding and land development. So if there's one thing that she's learned throughout her decades of navigating evolving real estate trends, it's how to stay relevant. Lynda added her daughter and son-in-law, Lesha and Michael, to provide fresh perspectives, and the family trio has been dominating the Metro New Orleans market ever since. 

$18 million+ in sales volume 

Wondering what it takes to be named a top producer in the real estate industry? Well, to be technical, it takes a team average of between $18 to $21 million in sales volumes according to the Nugent-Freeland Team's jaw-dropping statistics. And while the team is proud of their hard-earned sales, nothing brings the family team more joy than being able to reach these goals together—and depending on who you ask, an LSU or Alabama football win could create that same joy, too! 

"The relationships we have with clients is what I love. In many cases, we end up working with people multiple times. My thought process going into every purchase or sale is that my job isn't done until I re-list or when I get a referral." 

– Lynda Smith

Want to Work with a Team of Top Producers? 

Here at the Nugent-Freeland Team, our top priority is creating and maintaining meaningful client relationships. So whether you've sold with us before or are just beginning your real estate journey, we're here to guide you through the process from start to finish. Believe us, we are past the finish line people—and we will get you there faster than the competition! 

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